6 Signs You Should Be Single Again

Published on 11/01/2021

For some, being single is perfectly normal. They feel comfortable with it and live happily for months or years without a partner. Others, on the other hand, slide from relationship to relationship and have never really been alone. But in order to really know who you actually are and who you want to be, you should also deal with yourself and – just be single for a while. Because: happiness does not depend on another person. Only you are responsible for your own happiness! In addition, the single life also has some advantages – we promise!

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6 Signs You Should Be Single Again

You Feel Pressured

In the opinion of your parents and friends, have you been single for far too long? Piqued by the views of others, you feel compelled to date. No, you do not have to! If you are not ready to commit yourself, you shouldn’t force yourself to commit yourself. Enjoy your single life when it feels right for you.

It Scares You To Be Alone

Yeah, it’s a bit of therapy. But everyone should know what it is like to be alone and to treat yourself to a break from men. We’re not talking about years of loneliness here, either. Give yourself time for activities and hobbies that inspire you, but for which you otherwise had no time. You will see how fulfilling that can be and how it will help you.

You Date To Forget

Rebounding is a dating phenomenon that everyone knows. The last relationship broke up, and now you are trying to distract yourself with “transitional partners”. Unfortunately, that won’t bring you anything, except renewed grief. You are in a vicious circle. Time to shift down a gear, enjoy time for yourself again and find yourself. Only then will you know what you want for yourself, your life and your relationships in the future.

Relationships Scare You

Does a relationship sound like compromises and limitations to you? And you don’t feel like it? Then don’t force yourself to do it either. If the thought of a relationship scares you, work on yourself and, over time, feel that it doesn’t hurt to be considerate of others and to adapt to a certain extent.

You Are Lovesick

Is the heartache still very bad? Then you should first deal with the past relationship in peace. Alone – or with your friends. You certainly don’t need a new partner for this. Allow yourself a break as a single until you can go through life happily again and recharge your batteries.

You Fear Rejection

You haven’t processed your last relationship yet? Was the breakup with your ex too hard? If you’ve been disrespected or hurt by a partner, the pain is often deep. The fear of rejection is just too present and the self-esteem is in the basement. You should take a break to finish it off and recharge your batteries. And never forget: you are a great, strong woman who is worth loving! Word!