4 Ways To Stop Being So Clumsy

Published on 08/31/2021

Some people just seem to have two left feet. If there’s anything within 100 meters that they can bump into or run over, so will you. And every faux pas is taken along accurately. But why is that, and what can you do about it?

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4 Ways To Stop Being So Clumsy

Differentiate Between Physical And Social Clumsiness

Are you constantly bruised and regularly embarrassed because you keep forgetting important information? Shards are not an annoying exception for you, but almost every day? Then, we have good news for you: You are not helplessly exposed to your nausea. First, it is important to know whether you are suffering from physical or social nausea – or maybe even both. People who are physically clumsy are usually in a state of permanent mental absence. Anyone who is socially dodgy and sometimes just doesn’t seem to know when it is better to just think certain things instead of saying them, is usually either naturally impulsive and spirited or has not acquired the necessary sensitivity in such a situation.

Avoid Faux Pas With Communication Training

If your clumsiness is in the social area, targeted communication training can help. During this training, you will usually also be recorded on video. This can be a bit uncomfortable at first if you are not used to standing in front of the camera, but it is extremely helpful. As you watch and listen to yourself interacting, you will notice things that you would not otherwise notice. Furthermore, you can learn to control your impulses if you consciously withdraw yourself in different situations. If you find that other people have a hard time having their say when you are around, you can plan to listen to your best friend more the next time you meet.

Clean Up

It’s pretty easy to trip with things lying around on the floor. Tidy up your home or office, so you don’t knock something over if you are clumsy. If your home does not have enough free space to get from A to B safely, you will have to move the furniture. This way you don’t bump into or knock things over. By rounding off the edges of small carpets with double-sided tape, it helps prevent you from tripping over things so easily.

Say Goodbye To Bruises

If you frequently confuse left and right, have a poor sense of direction, or are forgetful, this could be the reason why you have more minor accidents. You can address these issues by exercising your body. Exercise can help to improve coordination, flexibility, and a sense of balance. For example, Pilates, martial arts, dance and muscle training are suitable. Increased control over your movements reduces the risk of mishaps. Reflex exercises that promote coordination between hands and eyes can also train the sense of balance. You should also try to pay attention to your surroundings. You can practice this, for example, by consciously concentrating on the activity you are currently doing. When hanging up the laundry, don’t think about what you have to do tomorrow, but perceive the washed clothes with all your senses. Multitasking may be handy, but it doesn’t exactly make us more skilled.