9 Signs That You Are A Shopping Addict

Published on 10/11/2021

Your wallet is empty, but your closet is pretty full. You just wanted to go into town for coffee with your girlfriend, but you come back with a full shopping bag. And every morning you tell yourself anew that you have nothing to wear. Does it sound familiar to you? Then you should definitely read on now. If these signs apply to you, then you could be addicted to shopping and should urgently change your buying behavior!

Black Friday

9 Signs That You Are A Shopping Addict

Constant Excuses

You justify every purchase to yourself and have thousands of excuses and explanations ready as to why you absolutely need this part. Be it the weather, an important presentation in the office, or your cat’s birthday. You use any occasion as an excuse to get yourself a new outfit.

Your Clothes Still Have The Label On

You need that and that and that too. But then you don’t put on all that stuff. You haven’t even removed the price tag on half of the items in your closet. This should really make you think!

The Saleswoman Knows Your First Time

In some shops you clearly spend too much time! The employees in your favorite shop already know you and greet you when you walk in. Even worse: Sometimes they even put the hottest pieces of the latest collection aside because they not only know your size, but also your taste and know that you never leave.

You Buy Things That You Don’t Need

You buy things that you don’t even need: Even at the checkout, you have to suppress the thought of where to put the part, let alone when you could wear it or use it.

Multiple Times A Week

You shop several times a week: You can find your favorite online shopping apps on your smartphone while you sleep and the sellers in the shops will recognize you and immediately know which payment method you will choose.

When You Go Shopping, You Feel Better

Discounts are a heavenly sign & let all the lights go out: If it’s on sale, you have to buy it, even if you know that you’re still spending a hell of a lot of money.

Lying And Hiding

Do you have an excuse for every shopping trip? Do you lie to your roommates, friends, or your partner when it comes to your new achievements? You hide receipts and labels so that nobody can find them. Do you have online orders come to your office so that nobody is confronted with them at home? Lying and hiding are serious signs of shopping addiction.

Not Shopping Is Not An Option

A vacation in the country without a shopping mall nearby causes you to sweat and shaky hands? Would you even cancel a longer trip to the pampas because you can’t buy anything there? Withdrawal symptoms can also occur with a shopping addiction.

A Fault Confessed Is Half Redressed

If you actually notice that you are showing signs of shopping addiction, don’t panic. There is help that you can easily take advantage of. On the one hand, behavioral therapies are an option, but self-help groups can also be extremely useful. Problems can be discussed here and meet other participants who have had similar experiences and who have already strongly opposed their addiction.