Gratitude: 6 Tips How Being Thankful Improves Your Quality Of Life

Published on 11/29/2021

Gratitude leads to a better quality of life – and gratitude can be learned. In the following you will find out how you can use gratitude to become more self-satisfied and how you can make other people happy with it.

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Gratitude: 6 Tips How Being Thankful Improves Your Quality Of Life


In almost every survey, health ranks first alongside family when it comes to what is most important in life. We are grateful to be healthy and to be able to enjoy a life without restrictions. We are also grateful for the health and integrity of our family and friends


You can be grateful for living in a democracy where there are no wars and bitter poverty. Equal educational opportunities and basic democratic values cannot be taken for granted. We should be grateful for that.

Secure Existence

You can be grateful that you have found a job that you can enjoy and that you have built a secure existence for your family. You can be grateful that you don’t have existential fears and that your own basic needs are met.

Material Items

It may sound , but we can be grateful for what we have. And also for the fact that we can afford something in life, be it a new kitchen appliance, the dream car or a relaxing holiday.

Well, Now we know WHAT to be thankful for but HOW do we do it, how can any of us easily become a more thankful person?

An Attitude

Gratitude is not a must. You shouldn’t feel obliged to be more grateful. See the feeling of gratitude as an opportunity and the possibility to develop a positive attitude towards the world. In everyday life we take so many things for granted and strive for more and more things. In doing so, we should reflect on what we have and be grateful for it.

Recognize What Makes You Unhappy And Change It

In life there are always stones that are put in your way and goals that you cannot achieve. If you feel disgruntled at such moments and a persistent dissatisfaction spreads within you, this is the moment when you need to learn to distance yourself from engaging negative feelings. Learn to observe yourself in everyday life and find out what the reasons for your negativity are.

Start And End Your Day With A Positive Thought

Keep reminding yourself what you are grateful for in your life. You can also start small. At the end of the day, don’t worry too much about what’s going wrong and don’t sink into melancholy or sadness. Listen to yourself and ask yourself what was beautiful that day or during the week that gave you joy and be grateful for it. That can also be little things: sunshine and good weather, a nice small talk with colleagues, an interesting book that you are reading at the moment.


You can only love someone if you love yourself – true to the saying, it also works with gratitude and a positive attitude towards life. Only when you are grateful for yourself and your life, your being and your achievements, can you convey the positive attitude towards life to the outside world and thus transfer it to your environment and your fellow human beings.