Tips For Healthy Sleep: Fall asleep better now

Published on 05/04/2022

Millions of people suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping through the night. With our 10 tips you will learn how you can sleep better, what role nutrition plays in this and what influence the right mattress has.

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Tips For Healthy Sleep: Fall asleep better now

No Distractions In The Bedroom

The bedroom is your place of rest. No TV should be on here, let alone work in bed. Avoid everything in the bedroom that keeps you from the most important thing – your rest. Nevertheless, the room does not have to be spartan, but should become an oasis of well-being. How you do it is up to your taste.

Turn Of The Lights In The Bedroom

Night light? Alarm clock LED? cellphone display? Banish all disturbing light sources from your sleeping environment. The hormone melatonin, which is important for healthy sleep, is only formed in the dark. It makes you tired and sinks into the deep sleep phase. If there is a lack of melatonin in sufficient quantities, people suffer from sleep disorders. Researchers have even found that it has a positive effect on other diseases such as cancer. In short: Cancer cells don’t like light! In addition, there is a premature aging process or the promotion of clinical pictures such as osteoporosis if the human sleep-wake cycle does not work.

Room Temperature While Sleeping

Did you know that we lose between half a liter and up to two liters of fluid a night? The climate in bed as well as in the bedroom itself is therefore essential for your relaxation. We know the effect that fresh air has on our well-being. Like to sleep with the window open to let the oxygen in and the stale air out. However, this is not recommended if the temperature is too low. The best temperature for healthy sleep is between 16 and 18 degrees (up to 22 degrees in the children’s room). In addition, there is an optimal humidity of 40 to 60%.

Ban Plants From Bedroom

The green in the room is definitely decorative, but plants do not belong in the room where you rest. When it gets dark, they stop producing the oxygen they want and breathe out carbon dioxide like any living thing. They are also a disadvantage for allergy sufferers: dust likes to collect on houseplants. Although the plants increase the humidity, sometimes excessively so that mold can form.

Sleeping Rituals

The human body likes fixed rhythms. This includes eating at regular times and sleeping at regular times. In addition, you can get into the habit of certain rituals to prepare your body and mind for bed, to switch off, to slow down. This can be quiet music or a relaxing audio book, which may already be playing while brushing your teeth. Or you write in a diary to get rid of exciting things from the day and not go to bed brooding. Meditation is a fast-acting way to leave everyday life behind. Find out for yourself what slows you down best.