Feel Good Fruits

Published on 04/27/2020

Fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients, these are necessary for the body and its functions. However, the main importance of these delicious goodies is also to boost your immune system and assist other functions in the body. Although fruit is high in sugar it is really and truly good sugar for your body. This sugar assists in energy levels and the reconciliation of lost nutrients in the body. here are a few important and packed fruits.

Green Smoothie

Feel Good Fruits


Packed with antioxidants and has major anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The fruit is also packed with Vitamin C and has been shown to have a role in cancer prevention. Pomegranate juice assists in the prevention of prostate cancer and conclusive studies are still being conducted, however, introducing it into your diet certainly won’t harm you. Additionally, it assists with arthritis, heart disease, and digestion. It reduces inflammation in the gut.


Apples are pure brain food, they help protect the brain. They contain high amounts of fiber, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K. Apples promote heart health and reduce type 2 diabetes. Moreover, the fruit improves digestion and metabolic health overall. An apple a day keeps the doctor away might not actually be a myth after all…


The vitamin C powerhouse! Grapefruit is known for assisting in weight loss and reducing insulin resistance. Additionally, research has shown some inclination that eating grapefruit can reduce cholesterol levels and prevent kidney stones, they are nutritious and delicious.


Rich with vitamin C and manganese this tropical delicacy is a must. Pineapple also has bromelain which is a combination of enzymes known to digest protein as well as for its anti-inflammatory abilities. Recent studies are suggesting it may be able to assist in preventing cancer and tumor growth too.