Boost Your Endorphins Naturally

Published on 07/09/2020

Endorphins are the body’s natural “feel-good” hormone. They are released by the pituitary gland into the body. The hormone reduces stress, assists in pain management, and boosts happiness. They are a natural opioid and give off a euphoric feeling. This is the main reason why many become addicted to things that may release endorphins- however, in this case, we mean good things. There are many ways you can increase your endorphin release and feel good more often. We compiled a list of natural ways you can do so. Feeling good is important and just as important for your mind too, so follow a few of our trips and get those endorphins going!

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Boost Your Endorphins Naturally


It was studied for years before realizing that exercise releases endorphins. So much so that professionals will often prescribe regular exercise to those who suffer fro depression and anxiety. It was proven that exercise has the ability to act in the same way as some antidepressants do. ever heard of “runners high?” Well, this is because of the release of endorphins, another reason people become so addicted to exercising. Once you exercise regularly you realize how it uplifts your mood thus, people become addicted and feel down when they do not exercise for long periods of time. Stay fit bodily wise but mentally too!


The health benefits of laughter and smiling aren’t only incredibly fascinating but exciting to know about too. Laughter has been proven to increase the release of endorphins and have multiple health benefits. In fact, even smiling can boost the release. Children laugh 300 times a day whereas adults roughly laugh only 5 times a day. Laughing can also boost your energy, reduce stress hormones, boost immune function, and just gives off a sense of general well-being.


Although there is not as much research on this aspect yet, it is believed that the act of giving activates pleasure centers in the brain and in turn can release endorphins. This is a great way to feel good- by helping others and those in need. Helping others, can in fact help you. This is a great initiative too when you are feeling down to simply get up and do something good.


Aromas have the ability to lift your mood, that is the reasoning behind aromatherapy. Vanilla and lavender are two great scents that can increase the production of endorphins. Vanilla releases endorphins reduces anxiety, and for those with depression- decreased symptoms. The same applies to lavender, it has been proven to reduce stress, depressive symptoms but also curb insomnia. These scents can be incorporated into your daily lives via candles, or putting essential oils on your wrists or even by adding some essential oil to your bath. It is a tiny component that will aid your endorphin release and change your perspective.

Spicy Food

Those that love a little kick in their dishes find that they get some satisfaction out of the spice. Spicy foods such as chilis, peppers, and other spicy components activate a pain sensation in the mouth which in turn prompts endorphins. We would not overdo the spicy food now, we all know the result of that one.