Everyone Is Eating Poke And You Should Too

Published on 01/08/2020
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Everyone Is Eating Poke And You Should Too

Poke is a Hawaiian raw seafood staple that has made its way to the US in recent years. This global trend combines raw fish of tuna with a variety of vegetables and bases. Over time the different options have become endless and are personalized to everyone’s taste buds. Poke is like heaven in a bowl and super easy to eat when you’re on the go. It is also relatively healthy and inexpensive, so why not give it a chance?

What Exactly Is It?

“Poke” actually means chunk in Hawaiian. The phenomenon began as small pieces of cut meat or seafood but now it is typically served as seafood. The concept is essentially sushi in a bowl and encompasses all the ingredients included in this cuisine. It is served over a base of white rice or brown, quinoa, salad mix, or noodles and topped with a variety of veggie options such as cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, seaweed, etc. The last step is dressing the bowl with so many sauces to choose from and may vary depending on the location you choose. Typically, the preferred sauces are the classic teriyaki/ spicy mayo. An extra special treat is to finish off with a little crunch like fried onion or peanuts. Mmm, we’re hungry just thinking about this!

Make It At Home

Nowadays there are so many poke shops to choose from around the US and the world, as well as restaurants that serve it on their menu. However, it is also a quick and simple dish to make at home. Whether you want a fast dinner or an activity to do with friends, preparing poke is an excellent option. All you need is fresh fish, whichever kind you prefer, a base of your choice, vegetables, and sauces. How you prepare it is essentially a personal preference, but the most important factor is that you use fresh fish only! We don’t want anyone getting sick from a homemade poke bowl!

Our Recommendation

If you’re asking me, I would make it your mission to visit “enjoy bowls” in Los Angeles, California. The poke bowls there are to die for and include chunks of fish but also a scoop of crab meat that will make your mouth water. They also offer a base of kelp noodles that are not only delicious but also healthy. I like to give my bowl that extra flavor by adding mango and avocado and finishing off with a bit of a crunch. Of course, I never forget the sauces and I like to stay true to the classics teriyaki and spicy mayo. If you’re ever in LA, make sure to add this to your list!