The Inside Scoop On The Lizzie McGuire Remake

Published on 12/30/2019
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The Inside Scoop On The Lizzie McGuire Remake

Our favorite childhood TV show is making a comeback and we can’t contain our excitement! As of August 2019, it was revealed that Miss Mcguire was returning to the screen on Disney plus. Audiences around the world boosted with excitement and anticipation waiting to see their favorite actress and cartoon character getting a reboot. It seemed like the end after Lizzie took on Rome and the infamous Paulo in the 2003 movie, but now we are about to follow Lizzie into her adult life. It will be a change from what we’re used to, but we believe that creator Terri Minsky will come through for us!

When Should We Expect Lizzie McGuire?

While the incredible Disney+ launched in November in the United States, the reboot should join the service’s offerings sometime in the new year, 2020. Production began as of October so it shouldn’t be too far off! Sit tight and don’t rush the process, we want it to be perfect, don’t we?

A New Lover

Most fans of the TV show were hoping to see Lizzie dating or married to their favorite “Gordo” character but Duff announced that this would not be the case. She even said she thinks the show is better that they’re not together because it gives off the curiosity of what it would be like to be together. In other words, it leaves a state of constant wonder. Regardless, she hopes that he will be involved! She confirms that she will have a different boyfriend whom she will have been dating for two years at the start of the show. +

Who Is Returning?

Well, we know Duff will be back and she can’t wait to play a 30-year version of Lizzie that is so different than her personal life. But Lizzie McGuire would not be complete without BFF Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg. He hasn’t been in a role since 2008 and he can’t wait to get back into the action especially in a role like this! Her mom, dad, and younger brother will also be returning but unfortunately as of now, there’s been no word regarding Ethan Kraft, Miranda, or Kate. Fingers crossed, we hope the whole gang comes back together!