Why Weekend Getaways Are Great For You

Published on 05/24/2021
Why Weekend Getaways Are Great For Your Mental Health

Why Weekend Getaways Are Great For You

Who doesn’t dream of going on a luxurious, all-included vacation? It’s only natural to yearn for a relaxing break from routine. There are many reasons that make it impossible, though. Whether your finances won’t allow it or you just don’t have the time to take off work, it’s normal to struggle with these things. It might not have been an option, but you should think about a weekend getaway. There are a number of reasons going away for a weekend will do wonders for you and the way you feel. It might not be a weeklong vacation, but it might even be better. Why are weekend getaways so good for you?

They Improve Your Mental Health

This goes without saying, but one of the most popular reasons people go on short weekend vacations is that they are great for your mental health. Even though it’s a short period of time, a weekend getaway allows you to escape your everyday stress and really take some time to unwind and relax. Another bonus is that getting out of your routine allows your creative side to come out. Studies have been done on how traveling impacts the brain’s creativity levels, and it’s been found that traveling has a positive correlation with boosted creativity levels.

They Improve Your Physical Health

Another major reason to go away for the weekend is improved physical health. According to studies, those who take vacations – even short ones – normally have lower stress levels, leading to a lower risk of heart disease. Keeping your stress levels in check is definitely important for your overall health.

They Allow You To Disconnect

Another way to lower stress levels is by disconnecting from society. Weekend getaways give you the chance to take a step back. Whether it’s from social media, from work, or even from the digital world in general, it’s a good idea to power down a little. After all, constantly processing information from a screen isn’t great for the brain. Stepping away from technology – aside from letting your eyes rest – makes you physically and mentally rest. The same goes for taking breaks from being around people. Being around others all day, every day can be mentally exhausting. Stepping away from crowds gives your brain the chance to stop thinking of others and their needs while focusing on yourself and your needs.

They’re Cheaper

It only makes sense that a quick weekend getaway will be cheaper than an all-out weeklong vacation. Big vacations tend to be somewhat stressful themselves due to the fact that they can become very expensive very fast. You might be tempted to try and cram in as many activities into the trip to get the most for your money. Small vacations, aside from being easier to plan, are obviously much cheaper. Since they cost less, they’re easier to save up for, meaning you’ll be able to afford several short trips each year rather than one big vacation.

They Help Strengthen Relationships

Last, but certainly not least, short getaways give you the chance to have some quality time with your loved ones. A solo weekend getaway can give you precious “me time”, or you can take a vacation with your partner which will be a lot of fun. Couple retreats are popular for a reason.